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​“Cellar Door have been playing together for the last 7 years; recently they were voted as Croydon’s hottest unsigned act, and it’s not hard to see why.  Drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as PJ Harvey, Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell, the 11 tracks on this, their debut album, showcase some deft guitar playing from Mike, and Aimee’s extraordinary vocal clarity and range, which moves effortlessly from smoky jazz croon to chiming flights of dreamy high notes.

Every song is a delight, especially the opening track ‘Best I Can Do’, the haunting and regret filled ‘Comets’, and the restrained bitterness of ‘Acid Truth’.  Talented and artistic, Cellar Door are definitely a band to watch. Expect great things.”

​- Acoustic Magazine (May,2010)

“Cellar Door’s debut album seems to be as much about mood as it is genre.  Across the folk, roots and soul that provide the sound, the vocal succeeds in capturing the mood, sometimes bitter and angry, sometimes wistful and regret tinged.  The result is an album that enchants.”

​- FATEA (Jan,2010)

“Marvellous and tremendous performance...  It's not just professional musicianship it's artistry.”

​- Chris Welch, journalist for Melody Maker, the Independent and Mojo (Feb,2008)

“Haunting vocals and the sounds of an amazing guitarist wowed the audience, Cellar Door’s performance was exceptional.”

​- Trevor Fisher, (Feb,2008)

“They ply a trade of folk, jazz and volatile moods...  Ferocious and compelling.”

​- Overplay (May,2005)

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